Julia Anna Barile

Dedicated to Soul embodiment in each human being. Awakening the passion and pleasure of being human.

Source Energy Healing


Source Energy Healing deeply reconnects people to the Source within, awakening expression of their true human potential. It helps people remember who they are and embrace the pleasurable passion of living as a  Source Self, one with all of life.

I teach expansion of consciousness and Self-awareness, as it emerges from within, with unconditional love and wisdom. This opens the way to freedom and Self-Sourcing: responsible, playful exploring and creating from All That Is.


Awaken with Source Energy Healing:

  • Encourage personal empowerment by increasing true self awareness and connection to the inner states that create our outer experiences.
  • Turn blocks into wisdom and power in a continuing acceleration of consciousness.
  • Translate awareness that leads to the personal freedom of living more consciously in union with Life.
  • Help transform fear into love, anchoring restoration of the unconditional nature of being human and living in the vast range of duality.
  • Receive guidance and support in transforming unresolved, judged experiences into wisdom and power with unconditional 
love and compassion.
  • Integrate the soul into the cells of the body, supporting healing and balance.

Engaging in Source Energy leads to personal fulfillment, meaning, and pleasure as your curious Soul vibrates, explores and creates into human form.

Source Energy assists individuals, families, relationships and businesses to create from their unique flow from the Source within for more passionate, pleasurable living.

Each of us is propelled by our innate desire to fulfill our unique human potential, and I offer Source Energy Healing as a way to help this become true…to help you be the most true You!

The way is love, the way is you.

I am committed to human wholeness, oneness and ascension. I am passionate about liberation as each person realizes the vibrant, whole Self and our connection to all of Life.

I am dedicated to awakening the passion and pleasure of being human through graceful Soul embodiment in every human being.


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